Your Virtual workplace

Transform any Windows or Linux application into an HTML5 web application that can be accessed from web desktop.

User friendly and ituitive

Virtual workplace is ituitive and simple to use on any device. All you need is internet connection and web browser. Mobility has never been so easy.

Full of capailities

Biro2go offers full of capabilities. From application virtualization platfrom to task, project management, chat system, file sharing and much more.



Access your business applications on ALL DEVICES

Access a modern desktop from any device (PC, tablet, phone). Work both individually and collaboratively, creating groups, projects, sharing files, calendars, walls.

Better productivity is a matter of working faster and better. Your challenge is to have a positive impact on all your employees, rather than just a minority of advanced users. Discover how Biro2go can radically change your employees’ habits with almost zero disruption. 

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World wide access, round the clock



World wide access to your business applications and data

Biro2go is a cloud service, offering you 24x7 access to you virtualised desktop, having access to all your business applications and data (documents, calendars, contacts, etc.).

Now imagine the endless possibilities not having a constraint of physical location. Impress your customers by creating formal offer from your ERP application directly at customer's site. Or imagine being on vacation and having access to you virtual desktop, meaning like you are at the office. Having access to all your business data and business applications.

Biro2go offers this at low costs, with no need to know about IT (information technology). Simple to use, easy to work while being mobile.


Biro2go offers a modern virtual environment based on HTML5 technology.

Any device

Biro2go supports any device (PC, tablet, phone). All you need is internet connection and web browser, supporting BYOD.

Full of capabilities

Biro2go offer full range of capabilities. From business application virtualisation to collaborative tools.

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